Introducing Christian Burkhardt ́s new album – NONSTOP

True to his identity as a forward thinking artist who is committed to exploring a vast range of sonic possibilities, Christian Burkhardt brings us a new album, featuring a selection of tracks he created in the past decade, but never released before. As a plus, some tracks from the album have been coproduced by Frankfurt ́s own Sascha Dive with “Fine Line” and “Fallin” with Daniel Roth, who has been a usual collaborator since 2014 ́s successful CB Sessions.

NONSTOP is not a concept album. It’s the product of many years of touring and producing. His masterful use of technology is meshed by the warm sounds of analogue gear.

The Album is very influenced by Funk and Break Beat sounds – which in combination with Burkhardt’s minimal house roots, allow each track to achieve an individual note. It opens up with a very funky, bassy tune in which the melodies create an hypnotic feeling, then dives into a somewhat mechanical direction before it gets fully atmospheric. In the last third of the album, you will be able to hear what sounds like an electro tune. The final closure is brought by a melancholic deep sound, which completes the ethos of the album. Christian Burkhardt has presented the sounds of his Frankfurt studio in the form of a live set on almost every continent, those coveted live sets by no means a mere playlist of CB ́s greatest hits, but a complex tapestry of melodies, grooves, tweaks, layers and twists that create an otherworldly atmosphere, sounding differently in each event.

CB ́s success is measured best inthe pleasure that he finds in making music –a feeling that may start in the club but stays with you when the lights go out.


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