DeWalta and Shannon (AKA Mike Shannon) new album, Residual Out

German producer and instrumentalist DeWalta has been producing and performing with Canadian techno veteran Mike Shannon for five years now. Their first collaborative record, No Rest For The Wicked, dropped in 2011 via Shannon’s Cynosure Recordings. They followed it up with two more 12-inches: The Adventures Of Saint Jack De Smoove in 2013 and The Runaway Sugar Cube the year after that.

Now they’ve got their first full-length, Residual, via the Barcelona label Indigo Raw, which is awakening from a three-year hiatus spent focusing on live events rather than releases. It comes as a two-part vinyl release with exclusive tracks as well as a digital drop.

You can check out the album cut “Jugular Dub” below or watch their live performance on Boiler Room.


Residual Part 1
01. GMC
02. Viscosity
03. Jugular Dub

Residual Part 2
01. Wrench Miss
02. Wilson Space
03. Duality

Digital Version
01. GMC
02. Viscosity
03. Jugular Dub
04. Slicks
05. Wilson Space
06. Right Under Your Tongue
07. Duality
08. Tauben Summer

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